Holvsgard was an ogre who had been spoken of in terror by humans for hundreds of miles around The Iron Woods for many years, until he was slain by Amaliya, Brock, Yulia and Adelle.

The ogre lives in the ruins of a castle that was once inhabited by a prince who was banished by his father upon discovery that he was possessed by demons.

Hundreds of years ago Holvsgard abducted humans over a series of decades in the 900s known now by locals as the Burning Years, due to the precautionary act that the survivors of raids by Holvsgard and his human-ogre descendants performed on the raided village by burning what remained of the towns to the ground in order to make sure to never be caught in another attack by Holsvgard, who would along with capturing humans, rend them and spread their body parts across the villages to instill fear.

Though little is known of Holsvgard now (many believe that he is only a dark myth to keep poachers out of the Iron Forest, it is said that after the Burning Years he has started a strange and horrible kingdom of abominations, wherein generation after generation of offspring borne of forced breeding from Holvsgard worship him as a god.
These offspring are often disfigured and mangled from birth, and live long and painful lives serving their ogre patriarch. Few have been seen but there are tales reported by frightened hunters of feverish looking creatures of the night, covered with open sores and hunched over, crawling and walking in an unnatural manner.


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